Office Phone Fax

Herb Emery

Research Director

Robert Mansell

Academic Director

Pierre-Gerlier Forest

Director and Palmer Chair




Eugene Beaulieu

Program Director, International Economics

David Bercuson

Area Director, International Policy

Herb Emery

Program Director, Health Policy

Ron Kneebone

Director, Master of Public Policy Program, and Area Director, Economic & Social Policy

Dan McFadyen

Program Director, Extractive Resource Governance

Bev Dahlby

Program Director, Tax and Economic Growth

Michal Moore

Area Director, Energy & Environmental Policy

Norma Nielson

Program Director, Financial Markets Regulation

Jean-Sébastien Rioux

Co-Director, International Policy

Jennifer Winter

Area Director, Energy and Environment








Philip Bazel

Research Associate, Tax and Economic Growth

Shantel Jordison

Manager, Extractive Resource Governance Program

Kyle Breckenridge

Financial Analyst

Daria Crisan

Research Associate, Tax & Econominc Growth

Rachael Lehr

Associate Director, Development

Brian W. Conger

Research Associate, Urban Policy Program

Jillian Dowding

Director, Research Programing

Carolyn Dudley

Research Associate, Health Policy

Kent Fellows

Research Assistant, Energy & Environment

Laura Fitterer

Program Manager, Master of Public Policy

Vanessa Gee

Administrative Coordinator

Lindsey Heighington

Manager, Executive Programs and Outreach

Christina Helf Stein

Donor Relations Advisor

Ashley Jones

Coordinator, Executive Programs and Outreach

Morten Paulsen

Director of Communications and External Relations

Dana Fenech

Communications Specialist

Laurie Gimber

Communications Coordinator

Victor Song

Research Associate, International Economics

Kinga Starzyk-Dramowicz

Coordinator, Executive Programs and Outreach

Ven Venkatachalam

Research Associate, Tax & Economic Growth

Christine Verdonck

Director, Marketing and Business Development

Stacey Wallin

Manager, Business Operations

Jennifer Zwicker

Research Associate, Health Policy

Geoff Webb

Senior Advisor, Student Careers/MPP

Lino John

Graduate Program Advisor, Master of Public Policy

Sarah Dobson

Research Associate, Energy & Environmental Policy

Sophie Lorefice

Research Associate, Energy & Environmental Policy

Jackie Jones


Maureen Shields

Director, Asian Market Diversification Program

Jennifer Sibomana

Administrative Assistant

Margarita Wilkins

Research Associate, Fiscal and Social Policy

Lindsay Tedds

Visiting professor

Janetta McKenzie

Research Associate, Extractive Resource Governance Program

Niloo Hojjati

Research Associate, Extractive Resource Governance Program and Tax and Economic Growth Program

Mubasiru Asafe Lamidi

Research Associate and Biostatistician

Mukesh Khanal

Research Assistant, Energy & Environment

Ramesh Lamsal

Research Associate

Paul Beaudry

Director of Development

Jenny McLeod

Associate Director of Development


Advisory Council

  • John M. Beck

    Chairman & CEO, Aecon Group Inc.
  • Geoffrey A. Cumming

    Former Vice-Chairman & CEO, Gardiner Group Capital Limited
  • Drew Fagan

    Deputy Minister, Ministry of Infrastructure, Government of Ontario
  • George Gosbee

    Chairman & CEO, AltaCorp Capital Inc.
  • Daniel K. Halyk

    President & CEO, Total Energy Services Ltd.
  • Timothy J. Hamilton

    Managing Partner, Odgers Berndtson (Calgary)
  • Tim Hearn

    Chairman, Hearn & Associates
  • Kabir Jivraj

    Managing Director, AgeCare
  • Winston Ma

    Managing Director, China Investment Corporation (Toronto)
  • Kevin Neveu

    President & CEO, Precision Drilling Corporation
  • Herbert C. Pinder

    President, GOAL Group of Companies
  • Nancy Southern

    Chair, President & CEO, ATCO Group
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